How Can I Sell TapRm Products?

TapRm is so much more than an online marketplace for purchasing exclusive beer products. We are a distribution platform for brands to build their business and offer their unique produtcts to key locations in New York, and (soon) beyond.

Our one of a kind e-commerce and distribution platform has the necessary licensing to sell our exclusive brands to all licensed retail re-sellers including bars, restaurants and supermarkets. You can find most of our exclusive products on the TapRm Exclusive page.

Please reach out to for our product list including our inventory in kegs.

Where do you ship to and how much do products cost?

We distribute to all five boroughs in New York City and occasionally deliver to accounts in Westchester and Long Island. Our delivery days are Tuesday and Thursday. Pricing on our site is for consumers. If you are representing a bar, restaurant, supermarket or other licensed retailer, please email for pricing and additional information.

Any other questions? Please don't hesitate to email us at

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