How Do I Get My Products on TapRm?

We are currently looking for new brand partners, especially those that do not already have a New York City distributor, and have a mindset and passion for e-commerce, digital marketing, and consumer growth. Please reach out to for additional information or submit your inquiry to

Becoming a Brand Partner

For all our brand partners, we act as their full-service NYC distributor including sales and logistics to bars, restaurants, offices and supermarkets. Additionally, we act as your e-commerce fulfillment arm including branded web pages, direct-to-consumer marketing and fulfillment/delivery to anyone in the state of New York, (and planning on expanding soon).

Please reach out to for additional information.

Can I decide to only sell on

As long as you have existing distribution in the Brooklyn area, we will work with your brand only online to sell to your consumers across New York. While the level of consumer data sharing and marketing activities are much more limited relative to our fully distributed brand partners, we would love to help you reach your consumers and build your community online.

Please reach out to for additional information.

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